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International Students at Faith


There are not enough words to say THANK YOU!

At the end of the 7th grade, we had to decide whether to take our daughter Adri back to México or let her stay at FCA for a second year, based on her wish to do it and the high performance standards of the school. We asked our Lord to show us the right way, and He did, so we let her stay for 8th grade. At the beginning of this academic year, we expected that our daughter would repeat the same wonderful experience that she had the year before academically, spiritually and in the other activities. However, we were wrong. She had the most wonderful experience ever!

Adri has received many gifts from God during this second year: A deep love from every teacher and person in the school; a deep commitment to motivate her and all the students to love God and to live under his word, and as a consequence, to love each other, to love learning, to love sports, and to love any single activity, no matter how challenging it was. All was addressed to encourage her to live a spiritual life under our Lord’s word and their academics, all “in a perfect fit."

The friendly environment within the school, the best she could have!

As a result, we got a new daughter, with a deep spiritual commitment with God, more mature, more self-secure, more motivated to carry on with her life personally, professionally and with plenty of projects for her future.

The greatest complement in this wonderful experience: The Perkins Family, a family with life based on Jesus Christ, totally involved in the School activities and also with a deep commitment to take care of our daughter as their own daughter. Actually, Adri became their lovely Mexican daughter.

We would like to express our thankfulness for all for all the gifts that our daughter will receive from God in the future, just for having stayed two years at this amazing institution.

Adriana and Fernando Herrera

León Guanajuato, México


FCA hosts international students for at least one academic year.

FCA offers education to students entering the U.S. on student visas such as J-1 and F-1.  FCA issues the F-1 visa. Students are required to complete paperwork, submit it for approval, and be accepted before FCA will issue the visa.

International students are responsible for:




Spending money

Any costs associated with the visa

Travel expenditures


Basic requirements for all international students are as follows:

  • Must be a born-again Christian or agreeable to studying the claims of Christ.
  • Live in a Christian environment where at least one parent/guardian is a Christian.
  • Sign and agree to the principles mandated in the FCA International Honor Code.
  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully function in English, and be prepared to work at an appropriate grade level, based upon FCA testing.
  • International students are accepted for enrollment only at the beginning of each school year.
  • Contact the enrollment office for a list of international student agencies that team with Faith Christian for enrollment of international students.

International Student Application Information
To request an international student application, contact Terrie Thaler, FCA Enrollment Director at: or 303-424-7310, x92320