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Faith Christian Elementary School (K-5) Arts and Sciences

ART at Faith

In Elementary Art, students will develop perceptive and expressive skills. They will gain knowledge of art and its structure, and the respect for visual expression.   In addition to this, they will increase manipulative and organizational skills for effective expression of ideas and feelings. They will also acquire an understanding of art principles and design relationships, and expand their ability to enjoy artistic expression in diverse forms.


MUSIC at Faith

4 S Nathan Hall IMG 2033.14th gr choir to office

                                                                                                                                  (4th grade choir singing for the office staff, November 2015.)

Faith Students have the opportunity in 4th and 5th grades to learn to play an instrument and join the band.


SCIENCE at Faith

The 2017 Science Fair was a huge hit and a wonderful hands-on learning experience for the students!



eagle14es science 9 2014 5th GrStudents enjoy learning about God’s creation and investigating His world; they study cells and DNA; can choose to create a model of cell, write an advertisement or song, or create a poster to show what they have learned.  While studying circuits and electricity, students will have an opportunity to practice with circuit boards.  They also learn about forces and motion and the three states of matter. Students will study molecules as well, including one of our most precious resources, H2O!  Rocks and minerals are studied in 5th grade in addition to vertebrates and ecology.  Students always enjoy our special in-house field trip to observe birds of prey in action as well as listen to a superb presentation by the Raptor Education Foundation. 

Students experience hands-on learning in their own scientific discovery where they put the scientific method into practice!