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Faith ChristianMiddle School (6-8) Arts and Sciences

ART at Faith

6th-8th Grade General Art

This course is designed for students who are interested in Art and want to strengthen the skills they have learned throughout Elementary School. Emphasis is placed on drawing using a variety of mediums including but not limited to pencil, ink, chalk, and oil pastel. Students will have at least one three dimensional experience during the semester. This class may be taken one semester per year in grades 6-8.

Advanced Art

Students who take this class are chosen for their creative and artistic ability. They must be able to work independently on two to three projects at a time. This course is designed to push students to their creative limits and beyond. Students will be working with a variety of mediums including paint, pastel, and ink to create both two and three dimensional works. This class may be taken during both 7th and 8th grade with the permission of the instructor.

Clay Class

Students in the Clay class will learn basic hand-building techniques including pinch, coil and slab construction. Students will produce pieces using all three types of construction, and will produce a piece of their own choosing at the end of the semester. Although they will not be directly involved in the firing, students will watch a video about the steps in the firing process. A variety of glazing techniques are used. This class may be taken only one semester in either grade 7 or 8.


MUSIC at Faith


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SCIENCE at Faith

In science the students look forward to fun filled physical science projects: designing their own compound machine called a Rube Goldberg Machine: where marbles roll down ramps, mouse traps snap, and much more while learning about forces, work, and simple machines. In another project, teams of 3 will design, build, and test a parachute that will protect an egg as it is dropped one story. Students learn about energy & how it can be converted from one form to another by designing their own car using recycled materials to build a land vehicle powered only by wind. In the spring, students watch and take care of the chicks that are born in the 6th grade science room.  In Science Olympiad, students test their engineering knowledge by building bridges, robots, and rocket powered cars.