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Faith Christian High School Arts and Sciences


ART at Faith

The mission of Faith Christian’s Art department is for the students to become open to the Holy Spirit working through their lives
and to become influential to those they encounter in a personal manner; to be honest in their artistic expressions and draw on
their personal experiences, feelings, and beliefs.

MUSIC at Faith

Faith Christian High School offers a great music program. Both the Band and Choir programs are among the best in the development of musical expression. The directors bring much experience and passion to Faith Christian, which is evident in the beautiful music performed by their students. They desire to see their students gain a deep love and respect for music, while being primarily focused on praising God with their talents and musical gifts. With a large variety of music classes available, the students can explore the beauty of music in whatever way fits them best. Faith Christian offers Band, Jazz Band, Concert Choir, Women’s Choir, Men’s Choir, and Ensemble. All of these classes are centered on perfecting performance-level skills, as well as learning the fundamentals of music theory, music history, numerous musical styles, while performing in multiple venues. 


Music courses:

my fair ladies practiceBand is centered on training the students for public performance as their skills are developed in the instrument of their choosing. The repertoire chosen for Band is pep band at athletic events, performance for school chapels, public concerts and church concerts, as well as musical contests and festivals.

Jazz Band offers instrumental music students an opportunity to further their musicianship and be involved in an ensemble that performs Jazz and stage music. Students will also spend time learning transposition and improvisational skills that are a part of not only Jazz music, but also an essential element of church orchestras and worship bands.

Concert Choir is a class that is designed to train vocalists to perform together in a choral setting. The music they learn will cover a wide range of musical styles and periods, with an emphasis on sacred texts. Performances include school concerts, chapels, and community performances.

Women’s Choir allows its participants to develop their ability to perform with expression and technical accuracy for a large and varied repertoire of choral music literature, with an average difficulty rating of 4 (scale is 1-6). Students will also demonstrate the ability to understand fundamentals of music theory through various worksheets and theory quizzes. In addition to this, Women’s Choir will also emphasize the ability to listen to, analyze, and describe music.

Men’s Choir is designed for men with highly advanced vocal skills in both reading music and singing. It is a small group (about 6-10 participants) that performs very demanding and intricate music. Musical literature will cover a wide range of styles and periods. The Men’s Choir will learn between 3-4 songs for each concert as well as all of the songs sung by the Concert Choir.

Ensemble is a smaller vocal group designed to challenge the more advanced vocalist. It is an audition-only choral group, and auditions are held in the spring for the upcoming year. Musical literature will cover a wide range of styles and periods with a strong emphasis on sacred texts. Performances by the Ensemble will include all of those of the Concert Choir and also other local and public performances.

SCIENCE at Faith

AP Physics is an exciting opportunity in which learning takes place in many different ways. The beauty of learning how the world works and interacts with other planets is a different perspective from other science fields. We use mathematics to describe these interactions, as math is the language of Physics. We learn through doing demonstrations, labs, simulations online, and through discussions in class. Understanding how the world works is a fascinating discovery to make and brings us closer to God.

Honors Anatomy and Physiology:  Spring 2016 finds the students deep into body systems: studying the blood and learning about blood cells, medical issues, blood typing, and how to take someone’s blood pressure reading. Students visited a cadaver lab at Lutheran Hospital in early April, where they had a hands on, evening lab in the morgue.

Biology 2: This winter we had a very fun unit learning how to make wreaths, floral arrangements, boutonnieres, and corsages. Recently, several students helped judge an elementary science fair at a nearby Christian elementary school. Currently, we are in the stages of growing seedling plants to go into our garden once the threat of frost is over. We are learning all about different methods of plant propagation and how to care for emerging plants.

hs garden class 9 2015  hs arden class 9 2015 3  hs garden class 9 2015 2

The Botany Class has a student garden, where the purpose is to give them hands on experience prepping, planting and growing a variety of plants.