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Faith Christian Elementary School (K-5) Academics


 es boy2es girl1es boyRelying on the Holy Spirit as our Guide, we will SOAR:

         S tay safe and care for others

         O bey and respect God, our parents, our school staff, and our school property

         A cademically achieve to the best of our abilities

         R espond responsibly for our own actions 


YOUNG AMERITOWNE is an outstanding educational program that our 5th graders took part in - January 2018.  This day is one of the big highlights of our year. This learning tool helps us to teach business, economics and free enterprise in a fun and hands-on way. In addition, Young AmeriTowne introduces students to concepts such as supply and demand, job skills and work habits, banking procedures, democratic processes, civic consciousness, and career awareness. The program culminates with the students running a city for the day at the Young American's Bank in Cherry Creek.  This field trip is long remembered by all!


ASCI Spelling Bee and Math Olympics - January 2018 It is exciting to see many of our elementary students excelling academically as they are given a variety of opportunities to be challenged in the academic disciplines. 

20172018spellingbeewinners  20172018spellingbee1stgraders

TESTING: To view our school's Terra Nova test scores and more, CLICK HERE!



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fces 3picExcerpts from 5th grade essays:

"FCA prepares me for life.  To start with, Teachers at FCA support you in whatever you do.  For example in basketball they come and watch me.  They are trustworthy and honest in what they do.  Though, super loving to everyone including me!!!  Next, safety here is very important."

"'Hey dad even though I'm only in 5th grade I feel ready for college' I said. 'I know that's why we send you here' he said.  As long as I stay at FCA, I will be prepared for life.  In the first place, the Christianity is truly amazing because we are allowed to worship freely.  The teachers are TREMENDOUS, TRUSTWORTHY, and they help bring me feel closer to God."

"FCA always has the best subjects and recommended levels.  The school staff test you to see what level you're in, and has special subjects including Art, Tech, and PE.  FCA lots of advanced classes Like high math and science.  FCA helps me prepare in academics for the future."

"Some of my favorite parts are having chapel every Thursday because we have prayer in chapel. Furthermore, there are great people to be friends with!  The things I like about my friends are that they are all fun and very smart."

HANDS ON LEARNING  1st Grade goes to Dinosour Ridge : Nov                                                                       3rd Grade Invention Day

foster class dinoridge

3rd gr invention day13rd gr invention day23rd gr invention day3

             Kindergarden to Miller Farms: Oct                                                         5th grade to the Courthouse: Feb

k to millerfarms2k to millerfarms1   5 A Courthouse field trip 15 A Courthouse field trip 2

CURRICULUM:  Elementary Students take Bible, Technology, Physical Education, Art and Music classes as a regular part of their curriculum.

es boys bible

es gymclass1

es tech

Curriculum: Short Course Descriptions

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