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Robotics Team Wins 3rd Place in World Championships

robotics vexSpring of 2015 was an exciting time for Faith Christian’s robotics team, Team 1826, “The Fuse.” They took the Colorado state title which propelled Team 1826’s robot into the world championships in Louisville, KY. The road to the championship began the summer of 2014 when the team met to make plans to build Nautilus, the robot.

As summer turned into fall, the robot began to take shape.

The team had the autonomy to build the robot the way they felt it would give them success with Vex’s game. The team members programmed the robot the way they felt it would give them success with VEX's game, and repeatedly tested it on the practice field. In the spring of 2015, practice truly did make perfect for Team 1826, “The Fuse,” during competition. On February 28, 2015, during the Colorado High School Vex Championship, Team 1826 

robotics2The result of their success took the team to Louisville, Kentucky to compete with other Vex championship teams in the world championships. Vex Robotics includes over 10,000 teams from countries all around the world. The world championship began with five divisions of approximately 90 teams each. During the weekend, 1826, The Fuse moved up in the rankings to third place with a 10-0 win/loss record. After a nail-biting set of 3 matches, The Fuse won the third match and won the division. 1826, The Fuse, rushed to the stadium just in time to compete in the world championship. At the end of the day, The Fuse’s team effort placed them #3 in the world. “We certainly did not anticipate that winning the division was possible and placing third in the world was the last thing on our minds till it all just happened on Saturday….Glory to God!”

Congratulations to Team 1826, The Fuse: Keith Horton, Conner Stiles, Alex Perkins, Alicia Gross, Sarah Vail, and Karl Eggers.

Team 1826 “The Fuse” also became the “Robot Skills” as well as the “Programming Skills” winners with 39 and 44 points respectively. The latter “Programming Skills” score places them as the current world Programming Skills record holder.

The 2014-2015 team members were mentored by Randy Miller, Walter Eggers, Mike Stiles,
Kelly Horton, Craig Jameson, René Perkins, and Jarrid Gross. Additional mentors included Daichi Jameson and John Miller.