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Botany Garden Update by April Everitt, teacher

BotanyGarden2016.1Our garden is slowly expanding. We now have a proper fence and gate, as well as raised planter beds on the west side of the garden. The students have been diligently pulling all the summer weed and grass growth from the cultured parts of the garden and are cleaning up the path areas.  




  • BotanyGarden2016.2This fall, we have planted several bulbs that should appear in the spring, and will add quite a bit of beauty to the raised beds.
  • During the winter, the students have an entire unit on creating wreaths, swags, and centerpieces for the upcoming Holiday season, so they can work indoors while the garden is covered with snow. They also learn how to make corsages and boutonnieres, which will come in handy during spring banquet and homecomings in the future.
  • Come spring, we will begin planting seedlings indoors and then hardening them off for replanting outside.

The students are learning a lot of hands on, real life skills in gardening and horticulture. I see the students marveling at the complexity of God’s creation and patience as they work with our versatile Colorado weather.