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Elementary School Recognizes 60 Students Who SOAR

Faith's students are SOARing these days, as part of a new positive behavior program at the elementary school.

soar1S tay safe and care for others

O bey and respect God, our parents, our school staff, and our school property

A cademically achieve to the best of our abilities

R espond responsibly for our own actions.

So far this year over 60 students are enjoying their rewards for positive behavior.

Students who have no consequences–showing that they have SOARed throughout any particular week–are given a feather and positive communication sent to parents via email. Once a student has collected five feathers, he and his parents are notified by the principal and are featured on our SOAR bulletin board outside the auditorium. Then, the student can exchange their feathers for fun prizes, like having lunch with the principal or teachers, doing half an assignment (at the teacher’s discretion), play 1-on-1 basketball with the P.E. teacher, read the afternoon announcements over the intercom, and many other great incentives.