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Passionate About Beetles

beetleFCHS sophomore, Quincy Hansen, won the 2016 Coleopterists Society Award, junior category. The society launched the awards program in 1989 “to recognize young people (grades 7-12) studying beetles.” “I guess you could say the interest began almost at birth,” Quincy said. “My excitement for insects really took off when we learned about them in the 2nd grade. That's the year I figured out the one could make a living studying insects as an entomologist.”

Quincy submitted his successful grant proposal on “Survey of Coccinellidae of Adams County Colorado: Species Population Density, Seasonality, Weather Effects, Etc., Especially in Agricultural Areas.” He said his grant involves “seeing how they (beetles) change throughout the summer in the presence of different variables.”

beetleboys“As far as within entomology, the Coleopterists Society award is my biggest accomplishment so far. I have a modest collection of pinned dead insects, and I also keep live tarantulas, scorpions, beetles, roaches, and other arthropods as pets. Going insect collecting is one of my favorite summer activities.”  Quincy also loves playing football and made the high school varsity football team as a freshman. He was voted Most Valuable (Defensive) Player, on the junior varsity. “I've been playing football for five years now, and this year is my first year of high school football. I've played everywhere on the offensive and defensive line, and at the moment I’m playing linebacker. I played for team Colorado in a national all-star tournament, and I recently tried out for the US National Team.”


The above are quotes and photos are from an article published by the Univ of California: