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Going to Camp with Middle School Students

camp iconOur 6th, 7th and 8th grade students have the opportunity every year for one annual trip.  In 6th grade, students travel to Camp Timberline for a week of Outdoor Lab, in 7th grade, students go on the ski-trip and finally in 8th grade, stuents travel to Camp Eden.  These trips are one of the highlights for the students! The 6th and 8th grade trips take place in August and early September, while the ski trip is usually planned for February.

During the 6th grade trip to Camp Timberline, students not only got to spend some time out in nature but had great opportunities to grow as a class. Students were placed into one of four groups with colored bandannas signifying to which team they belonged: red, orange, blue, and green. Teams created cheers so they could cheer on their teammates, learned to survive in the wild by learning how to use a compass, start a fire, zipped through fields on a zipline, and showed courage on the high ropes course and jumped from the Gut Check (a harnessed free fall from a 40+ foot tower!). Students shared meals with their teams, participated in chapels, and even danced their way to enjoying a bonfire and smores. Through a short, middle-of-the-week trip, the 6th grade class grew closer to nature, each other, and in their relationships with Christ.

The 8th grade class took a couple of days in early-September and headed West to Camp Eden for a leadership retreat. Located just west of Golden in the Coal Creek area Camp was an incredible, action-packed couple of days full of activities and beautiful weather! From zip-lining over a lake to playing human foosball, to taking a hike with a view of the entire front range mountains there was never a dull or boring moment! We had a line-up of great speakers and a high school student leadership panel that focused on being leaders in our school, in the world, and all for Jesus.