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ecUNITE replaces the former Parent-Teacher-Partnership

ecunitelogoHave you heard the news?  The Eagle has landed and ecUNITE is here!  Eagle Community Unite (ecUNITE), formerly known as PTP, is excited to help build the community at Faith Christian Academy!  We are a group of parents, staff and teachers coming together to help build the Faith Christian Community.

How we build community: Through volunteering, inspiring school spirit, service projects and various initiatives designed to help bring together the students, parents, faculty and staff of our K-12 family.


This fall the ecUNITE has  

  • -decorated the Ward Rd East Campus for homecoming to raise school spirit
  • -treated teachers/staff to goodies as part of staff appreciation
  • -schedule parents to volunteer to help the K-8 teachers
  • -hosted a competition between classes on the K-8 campus during the Operation Christmas Child shoebox collection.

The group will be the umbrella in which volunteer opportunities will be offered.

How you can help:

  • -Pray that this year will be a year of creating community and bringing our community closer
  • -Volunteer for various initiatives (K-12)
  • -Serve on the ecUNITE advisory board or in another position within ecUNITE
  • -Get excited for something new, fun, and needed

Vision Statement:
We commit to partner with Faith Christian academy leadership to build and encourage all students, faculty, staff and families to unite as a single-minded community to represent Christ.

Mission statement: 

  • -Unite the Faith Christian family
  • -Create opportunities to serve
  • -Provide volunteer support
  • -Inspire school spirit
  • -Share Christ’s love with others

We are excited to see what God has in store for Faith Christian Academy, and we want YOU to be part of this awesome group!  Please contact the ecUNITE President, Kara Hoofnagle ( with questions or to find out how to get involved.