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High School Juniors Learn about Civil Rights

hs juniors civilrights1In February, approximately 60 students of our junior class attended a performance of the Tony award winning Broadway play All the Way.  This play opens with the swearing in of Lyndon B. Johnson after the death of John F. Kennedy and goes on to portray the maneuvering and negotiation involved in passing the Civil Rights Bill of 1964. 

hs juniors civilrightsOur students were able to understand Johnson’s heart behind his drive for Civil Rights and to further understand the sacrifices of many to make Civil Rights a reality.  Our students were somewhat surprised at the language used in the play, especially in relation to African Americans. However, even this helped pave further understanding to how American looked and sounded in 1964.  Our US History classes and our 11th grade American Literature classes will continue to dissect and discuss the events portrayed in the play as we help our students become better citizens of the world.