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High School Students Excellence in Academics

AcademicExcellenceFaith Christian High School ACT scores are at an all-time high!  Five-year data from 2012-2016  shows that FCHS student average Composite ACT score, which averages scores from the English, Math, Reading and Science subtests,  is a 23.6 which includes all FCHS seniors, as each is required to take the ACT prior to graduation.  The five year average Composite ACT score for Colorado students was 20.6, a difference of 3 points. 

Additionally, the number of students meeting college readiness benchmarks in English, College Algebra, Social Studies and Biology is also at an all-time high.  We praise God for his rich outpouring of grace on our FCHS students and teachers.


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ACT 10yr comparison

FCHS seniors continue to earn college credit

For a third consecutive year FCHS graduates received college credit through our homors classes.  In 2016, a total of a total of 345 dual credit classes, earning an average of one semester of college credit.  Nearly 40% of FCHS graduates took more than 15 college credits with them as they entered college this fall.  These credits were earned through the FCHS Dual Credit/Advanced Placement Honors Classes and equal nearly a full semester of college credit.


Eight Faith Christian High School students took 13 AP exams this past May. The group scored five perfect scores of 5, and five scores of 4. These scores earn college credit at most universities in the United States.


APtestMr. Bedore’s Calculus BC class once again turned in an outstanding performance with a 4.6 average as three students earned a 5 and two students earned a 4. The average score by Colorado students taking this test was 3.75 and the national average was 3. For the past decade the Lord has shown Mr. Bedore’s class great favor with an average over 4.


Almost 79% of Faith Christian students who took an AP exam in the past five years scored a 3, 4 or 5. The percentage of all Colorado students who performed at the same level is 61.8% and the national percentage is 60.8%.