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FCHS Offering Dual Credit Tour in Paris, France

parisfranceThis coming summer, for the first time, FCHS is offering a dual-credit tour. We are pairing with Joshua Expeditions and will be taking a 7-Day trip to Paris and environs. This experience includes three credit hours that the student will receive from Southern Theological Seminary upon completion of a ten week online course prior to the trip. The course will be an Intro to Philosophy course, and our online instructor will be joining us on the trip to continue to educate us as we travel. We will also have a professional guide from Joshua Expeditions to make sure our trip runs smoothly.


All current FCHS students and parents (regardless if they are taking French or a foreign language) are welcome to apply. The trip will be near the last week of July 2018. If we do not get enough people signed up by the Dec. 15th deadline, we will then plan on going in July 2019 instead. If you are interested, or for more information, please contact April Everitt at

Passionate About Beetles

beetleFCHS sophomore, Quincy Hansen, won the 2016 Coleopterists Society Award, junior category. The society launched the awards program in 1989 “to recognize young people (grades 7-12) studying beetles.” “I guess you could say the interest began almost at birth,” Quincy said. “My excitement for insects really took off when we learned about them in the 2nd grade. That's the year I figured out the one could make a living studying insects as an entomologist.”

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Junior Student, Katlin Miller, Wins Thespian Award

katlinmiller2On Sunday, September 10, at the D.L. Parsons Theater in Northglenn, FCHS junior Katlin Miller received a National Youth Arts Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical for her performance as Rosalie Mullins in Front Range Theater Company’s production of School of Rock over the summer. Katlin has performed in Faith musicals since she was in elementary school, and she was most recently Katie Nanna, as well as other featured parts in Mary Poppins. Katlin currently serves as a student ambassador for Front Range Theater Company, and she is the president of Faith’s ITS acting club. She will represent Faith at the State ThesCon competition in December at the Denver Convention Center.


Fall Sports Wrap Up 2017


athleticsMen’s Football had a nearly flawless season and were able to advance deeper into the playoffs than they had for several seasons.  Head Coach Ralph Nance lead a balanced team into the 2017 season and saw a defensive side emerge as one of the top defensive units in all 2A Football.  The team only suffered one loss during the regular season and were able to have a perfect conference record for the 2nd year in a row.  The Flatiron League Champs earned a home game in the first round of the State Playoffs against Bishop Machebeuf.  

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Never a Dull Moment - Always Exciting


cookfamily fallsquareGreetings!! My name is Michael Cook and I have had the privilege of wearing a lot of fun hats here at Faith Christian Academy since joining the Faith family in the fall of 2009. My journey to Faith began when God placed me, an unbelieving teenager at the time, in a Christian school where my teachers, coaches, and friends made an eternal impact on my life. Through passionate teachers who inspired me through the discovery of truth in scripture and what it looked like to live a life with Christ, to friends who kept me accountable and challenged, and coaches who always pushed me to give my absolute very best … I gave my life to Christ while at that Christian high school and pursued the calling of educational ministry that I believe God so clearly placed on my heart my junior year.  


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Robotics at World Competition by Coach Randy Miller

2016 17 robotics6There were 18,000 teams competing in the VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) High School/Middle School this year. Of those, 564 high school teams qualified for Worlds, and 160 middle school teams.  The high school teams were divided into six divisions of 94 this year. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Research).  We were placed in the Arts division this year.  Our team made it all the way to the division finals, ended up as the division finalist, but not the division champion.   

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Fun Stuff on the Campuses!


2017springcelebration12There were so fun many activities that wrapped up our 2016-2017 school year!  The “practically perfect” Mary Poppins musical delighted audiences with three sold-out shows. In April, the three campuses joined together for another incredible Spring Celebration. We were treated to a program featuring America’s Got Talent Crevier Family Spin-Tacular Basketball Show.  To the audience’s amusement, our own principal, Michael Cook, was called up to the stage to show off his basketball skills.


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Reflections from a New FCHS Mom by Karen Maes


servanthoodMy husband and I were raised in the public school system and our two oldest children graduated from a public Jeffco school.  A few years ago we moved to the area and I started working for Faith, and our son started at FCMS.  During the 2016-17 school year, I worked at the high school and was able to experience a different world than the public school world: listening to students reading scripture every morning during the announcements and at the weekly chapels, watching students walk up front to stand near the worship team and raise their hands in song.  But the End-of-the-Year senior chapel was the event that touched my heart the most.

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Students take ACT


actForty-two percent of the 2016-17 8th grade class qualified for Western Academic Talent Search (WATS). To qualify, a student has to score a 95% or higher in two or more of the following areas in Terra Nova testing: math, reading, language arts, or composite score.  These students qualified to take the ACT or SAT tests as 8th graders.  Those who chose to take the test scored impressive numbers!

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Staff Spotlight - Scott Hickel

teacher scott hickelAfter working in a multitude of vocations and diverse jobs beginning in Kansas, my wife and I returned to the Denver area in the mid-1990’s with 2 children in tow. The plan that brought us here was to assist in a church plant in the north metro area.  Upon arriving, I was introduced to Faith Bible Chapel and accepted a position in the maintenance dept., which led to an Art Instructor position in 2004. 

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Staff Spotlight - Traci Powers

teacher traci powersWhen I was young, change was an inherent part of my existence. My family was very mobile, and by the time I had graduated from high school, I had moved eighteen times, had attended nine different schools, and had homeschooled twice. Early on, I learned to adapt to new people and places through friendliness, imagination, and a bit of good humor. Perhaps partly due to the fluidity of that time, I am a deliberate planner, and I’ve always liked to know what’s coming next, whether that is the next moment, the next day, or the next phase in my life.


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Staff Spotlight - Jim Baldwin

teacher jim baldwinI have always been into photography. I have over 100 GB of pictures and movie files of my children growing up. Yet, some of my strongest memories do not exist on analog or digital media. I remember the first time I met Liz (my wife, better known as Mrs. Baldwin in 5th Grade). It was late at night in an old recording studio and we both were asked to be part of a Christian CD project. As I waited for my part to play the guitar, I witnessed the most beautiful singing coming from one of the recoding booths. We did not meet or even connect that night… but I never forgot her soulful voice that I still love today.


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Staff Spotlight - Jeremy Lustik

teacher jeremy lustikI started my teaching career at Pomona High School in 1999 as a math teacher and a baseball coach.  After 7 years, moved to Mountain Range High School for 8 years where I taught math and was the head baseball coach.  I didn’t want to continue to teach math full time, but wanted to coach more or teach PE. The Lord led me to FCHS thru a variety a God-directed circumstances to become the athletic director. Best of all I still get to teach some math courses, and coach baseball.  The perfect job gets me up every morning!

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Staff Spotlight - Charissa McCaslin

teacher charissa mccaslinI am truly blessed to be teaching at Faith Christian High School! Although my family and I originally moved here from Springfield, MA in 2001 in order for my husband to take a pastoral position in the area, we have come to believe that God was also simultaneously providing an excellent education for our five children at FCA and the opportunity for me to do what I longed to do…. teach High School Bible. 


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Staff Spotlight - Bob Hicks

teacher bob hicksMy wife, Rocque, and I have been married 37+ years and have two sons, Todd – 29 and Shay – 25. Todd and his wife work for FCA in the middle and high school and Shay and his wife work for Grace Church of Arvada. I was born in Texas and moved to Colorado when I was eleven. I graduated from Alameda HS and Northern Colorado in Greeley.


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Staff Spotlight - Susan Read

teacher susan readI grew up in a military family; no nonsense, buckle down, straighten up, and fly right. When I was in junior high, I accepted Christ and continued my Christian walk as I went to the University of Illinois to study secondary Spanish education with a minor in French. In college, I was on Staff with Campus Life where I met my future husband but it was really at a ballroom dance that we started dating.


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Staff Spotlight - Micah Connor

teacher micah connorI was practically born on the front pew of Faith Bible Chapel 42 years ago. My parents have been intricately involved in ministry as Pastors and Worship Leaders for almost 50 years! I had the privilege to attend Faith Christian High School and be part of the first freshmen class at the Ward Road Campus. The school was a little smaller back then, but the quality education and instruction I received was a solid foundation for college and my career path.

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