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Elementary School Recognizes 60 Students Who SOAR

Faith's students are SOARing these days, as part of a new positive behavior program at the elementary school.

soar1S tay safe and care for others

O bey and respect God, our parents, our school staff, and our school property

A cademically achieve to the best of our abilities

R espond responsibly for our own actions.

So far this year over 60 students are enjoying their rewards for positive behavior.

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Passionate About Beetles

beetleFCHS sophomore, Quincy Hansen, won the 2016 Coleopterists Society Award, junior category. The society launched the awards program in 1989 “to recognize young people (grades 7-12) studying beetles.” “I guess you could say the interest began almost at birth,” Quincy said. “My excitement for insects really took off when we learned about them in the 2nd grade. That's the year I figured out the one could make a living studying insects as an entomologist.”

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Robotics at World Competition by Coach Randy Miller

2016 17 robotics6There were 18,000 teams competing in the VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) High School/Middle School this year. Of those, 564 high school teams qualified for Worlds, and 160 middle school teams.  The high school teams were divided into six divisions of 94 this year. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Research).  We were placed in the Arts division this year.  Our team made it all the way to the division finals, ended up as the division finalist, but not the division champion.   

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Students take ACT


actForty-two percent of the 2016-17 8th grade class qualified for Western Academic Talent Search (WATS). To qualify, a student has to score a 95% or higher in two or more of the following areas in Terra Nova testing: math, reading, language arts, or composite score.  These students qualified to take the ACT or SAT tests as 8th graders.  Those who chose to take the test scored impressive numbers!

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Moving Forward in 2017!


moving forwardLooking ahead to 2017 allows us the opportunity to cast the vision of some pretty important changes at Faith Christian Academy this year.  In March, Brian Wall, transitioned from Superintendent at Faith Christian to Colorado Christian University as their new Athletic Director.  We are excited to watch how God is going to use him in this new chapter in his life.

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SPEECH TEAM – by FCHS student Mikayla Martin

2017speech debate2Anxiety runs high at the state tournament for Speech and Debate. Heritage High School hosts the tournament, providing a labyrinth of hallways for “speechers” to navigate. Faith competitors left early on Friday, January 27, to enjoy Starbucks and Coldstone before driving down to compete. The majority of the team had been infected with a unique strain of sickness. Some of the symptoms included sniffling, hoarse voices, uncontrollable coughing, and perhaps the most odd…bloody noses, all conducive for public speaking. Despite runny noses and sore throats, the Faith speakers and debaters boldly entered rounds to do their very best.

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ACSI Competitions

acsi 5Nervous energy and anxious students abounded as they prepared to compete in three annual Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) events: the Math Olympics, the Spelling Bee and the Music Festival. Our FCES and FCMS students were well prepared and we are proud of their performances!

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READ-A-THON – by FCES teacher, Jessica Lewis

0127171034a resizedIn this day in age, building an excitement for reading among students can be a daunting task. The wonder that fills the pages of so many books and the simple joy of reading is a mystery for far too many children. For educators, developing a classroom environment where reading is a welcomed challenge, prioritized, and celebrated is hugely important! As a new teacher to Faith, getting to participate in this year’s Read-a-thon was such a joy. I had the privilege of observing for the first time the excitement that this fundraiser builds within the Faith Christian Elementary community.

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New Mock Trial Team Goes to State!

2017mocktrial1FCHS had its first Colorado Bar Association Mock Trial team this year.  Federal judge Michael Hegarty, who is on the FCA School Board, started the program at the high school in October. The Mock Trial competition involves the team working on an actual lawsuit and presenting the case at trial before a real judge, competing against other high school teams in Colorado.


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STEM Update by Jim Baldwin

robotics2016.2Our middle school STEM program kicked off the first quarter with a series on aeronautic engineering using paper airplane models. Everyone has created a paper airplane without thinking of math and science. But the STEM students had to create three models that exploit the four basic aerodynamic forces: lift, weight, thrust and drag. The students constructed three different models for distance, accuracy, and total flight time.


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High School Students Excellence in Academics

AcademicExcellenceFaith Christian High School ACT scores are at an all-time high!  Five-year data from 2012-2016  shows that FCHS student average Composite ACT score, which averages scores from the English, Math, Reading and Science subtests,  is a 23.6 which includes all FCHS seniors, as each is required to take the ACT prior to graduation.  The five year average Composite ACT score for Colorado students was 20.6, a difference of 3 points. 

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Learning About God Through Science

ScienceDisectionsquareKids are fascinated by so many things. They love all the concepts that tie into their daily lives.  Getting their hands “dirty” with science experiments is one approach to satisfy their desire to learn, and doing it in a fun and meaningful way. Understanding how the world works is a fascinating discovery to make and brings us closer to God.

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High School Juniors Learn about Civil Rights

hs juniors civilrights1In February, approximately 60 students of our junior class attended a performance of the Tony award winning Broadway play All the Way.  This play opens with the swearing in of Lyndon B. Johnson after the death of John F. Kennedy and goes on to portray the maneuvering and negotiation involved in passing the Civil Rights Bill of 1964. 

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