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Robotics at World Competition by Coach Randy Miller

2016 17 robotics6There were 18,000 teams competing in the VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) High School/Middle School this year. Of those, 564 high school teams qualified for Worlds, and 160 middle school teams.  The high school teams were divided into six divisions of 94 this year. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Research).  We were placed in the Arts division this year.  Our team made it all the way to the division finals, ended up as the division finalist, but not the division champion.   

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STEM Update by Jim Baldwin

robotics2016.2Our middle school STEM program kicked off the first quarter with a series on aeronautic engineering using paper airplane models. Everyone has created a paper airplane without thinking of math and science. But the STEM students had to create three models that exploit the four basic aerodynamic forces: lift, weight, thrust and drag. The students constructed three different models for distance, accuracy, and total flight time.


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Robotics Team at World Championships

FuseTeamandMentors SquaredFaith Christian’s robotics team recently wrapped up another successful season at the 2016 VEX World Championship, which was held in Louisville, KY on April 20-23. The team won the “Create Award” at Worlds, which is given to the team that demonstrated the most highly creative and ambitious engineering solution to the design challenges of the season’s game.   This past season, Faith Christian competed along with over 16,000 VEX teams from 40 countries, with the goal of being one of the 672 teams that qualified for Worlds. The path for Faith’s return to Worlds this year started back in April of 2015; as the students began brainstorming ideas on the flight home from the 2015 VEX World Championships.

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Robotics Team Wins 3rd Place in World Championships

robotics vexSpring of 2015 was an exciting time for Faith Christian’s robotics team, Team 1826, “The Fuse.” They took the Colorado state title which propelled Team 1826’s robot into the world championships in Louisville, KY. The road to the championship began the summer of 2014 when the team met to make plans to build Nautilus, the robot.

As summer turned into fall, the robot began to take shape.

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