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On average, families are earning $100 - $200 a quarter toward tuition costs use SCRIP.  This is the easiest way to raise tuition funds for your student without spending anything additional.  Simply purchase gift cards for where you already shop and SCRIP will give back a portion (up to 16%) of your purchase.  Cards are available for hundreds of businesses: groceries, gas, movie tickets, restaurants, shopping, hotels, airfare and much more.  Imagine getting tuition money for just filling your gas tank, buying your weekly Friday night pizza, or for buying your student new sneakers at the mall!

To learn more:


  • Scrip giftcardsTo enroll in the program CLICK HERE and type in our code: C7DFELEC7427.  The group "Crosswalk People Helpers/Arvada, CO" will be listed on the top - this is correct.  (Teacher name/classroom field for your student does not need to be completed.)
  • To place orders online: CLICK HERE.
  • To view a complete list of participating retailers, restaurants, and more:  SCRIP order form

Order by Monday at 3:00 pm and the cards will be available for pick up at the Ward Rd Atrium on Friday from 2:30 - 3:30pm. 


Do you Shop at King Soopers?  Need a reloadable Card?

We always have King's cards during handout, so stop by on Friday afternoons even if you forgot to order. 

They come preloaded with $10, please be prepared with payment.


You have two payment methods for online orders, PrestoPay and check.  If you pay via check, you will need to drop the order and payment off during handout.  Online orders need to be placed by Monday afternoons in order to be ready for pickup the following Monday. 


If you have any questions, please contact:, or Chris Coen at 303-945-9416.