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Faith Christian High School Student Life and Missions


HOMECOMING SPIRIT WEEK 2017:The week prior to Homecoming is a fun filled week at Faith Christian!  Students dress-up in daily themes, cheer at the Powderpuff football game, and enjoy a bonfire evening of s'mores, and games. Before the Friday night football game, the events team hosted a K-12 tailgate party filled with fun for all students. During halftime, many participated in the annual homecoming parade. The Saturday after the football game, high school students enjoyed a social held at the Wild Game in Evergreen.  Students were encouraged to dress up and enjoy a "Great Gatsby" evening of bowling, games, music, dancing and fun.  


Even as our students are growing in their faith during high school, we have a passion to see them sharing Jesus with the world. This is facilitated through our yearly Bible service projects, opportunities to participate in various local outreaches, as well as school-led mission trips to other countries and cultures. By God’s grace, we pray that our graduates will not only have a firm spiritual foundation, having made their faith their own, but also a vision to allow God to use their gifts to represent Him wherever He leads. 


OUTREACHES: On October 6, 2017 over 400 HS students descended upon the Denver Metro Community to SERVE!!!! Students were able to be a blessing at over 22 different sites. Our high school students served at churches, food banks, numerous Christian ministries, nursing homes and elementary schools. In the midst of the fun and celebration of homecoming, we pray that our students experienced the truth of Jesus’ words and realized that it truly is “more blessed to give than to receive.” 


 HS CUthe Pole 9.23.15 smallSeptember 27, 2017 was the annual See You at the Pole day

See You at the Pole™ was inspired by the initiative of students in one youth group in Burleson, Texas, early in 1990. The teenagers felt led to go and pray at night at several area schools during a weekend youth group retreat. They had a profound time of prayer. That experience has now grown to God-sized proportions. Now each year, more than 3 million students from all over the world participate in See You at the Pole--Students in more than 20 countries take part. In places like Canada, Korea, Japan, Turkey, and the Ivory Coast, students are responding to God and taking seriously the challenge to pray.

Faith students met at 7:00am to pray for their school, city, state, country and for the elections

While High School students gathered to pray at the Carr Street Campus, the flag pole at the Ward Road Campus also saw a large gathering of Middle School students.

Matthew 18:19-21 - “I promise that when any two of you on earth agree about something you are praying for, my Father in heaven will do it for you. Whenever two or three of you come together in my name, I am there with you.” (CEV)


josiejensenworlds08212017On September 12, 2017, junior student, Josie Jensen headed to Rotterdam, Netherlands to compete on Team USA at the ITU World Championships Age-Group Sprint Triathlon.  Her sprint distance race was a 750m swim, followed by a 20 km bike, and finishing with a 5 km run.  The weather in Rotterdam was cold and it rained everyday.  However, God's mercy provided the only break in the rain during Josie's race.  She had hoped to finish in the top 25 but finished 39th out of 53 competitors from over 13 countries.  Her swim and run were excellent.  The bike portion proved to be much more technical than she had planned with the slick roads, endless hairpin turns, and cobblestone roads.  Praise God she stayed upright since several competitors crashed and were not able to finish. She left Rotterdam very inspired!

Josie is very dedicated to the sport of triathlon and been competing since she was 12 years old.  She loves every minute of it.  Typically this time of year she is able to dial-down her training during the off-season, but she is still swimming before school and then either biking or running after school; all while trying to maintain her grades.  


VALENTINES DAY: As a fundraiser for the junior class, the students sell candy grams, flowers and songs which they deliver early in the day.During the annual picnic celebration, students connect into groups of 3-5 and make a picnic lunch that will be auctioned off to other groups of 3-5 students.  This year the ladies made the lunches and they were auctioned off to the guys.  Lunches are held in the gym where each group of ladies have an area they decorate.

Faith Christian Academy is excited to offer students the opportunity to serve-out the call that God has commissioned us with through local and global outreach opportunities. Faith Christian Academy is always trying to empower students by sending them out into the greater Denver-metro area to be a part of local outreach projects.  Through the many outreach opportunities we offer our students, our desire is that they are always being challenged to follow God's call to serve. So, if you're ready for a life-changing experience, apply now!


MISSION TRIPS:  Three teams traveled over the 2016 Thanksgiving: one team to Romania, another group consisting of volleyball and baseball players went to the Dominican Republic, and a team of girls soccer players to Costa Rica.  Over the 2017 Spring Break, students traveled Ecuador. The men’s basketball team will be traveling to Israel in June for exhibition games, to run camps, and to share devotionals with the camp attendees. The Romania team is planning another but longer trip this summer.


CONGRATUATIONS to AMANDA LOPEZ! In the spring of 2016, Amanda participated on "Soccer Superstar," a Nickelodeon TV show, hosted by Heather Mitts, the legendary 3-time Gold Medal winning defender for the US Women's National Soccer Team, that aired summer 2016.  She was contacted by the Nickelodeon Producer as her name was given to them as one of the top soccer players in Colorado. 

Cross Country shares the love of Jesus A routine practice run on a beautiful fall afternoon in September turned into a meaningful outreach opportunity that FCA Cross Country team members never expected. As a few students ran through a residential neighborhood near the High School, an elderly gentleman moving his trash cans asked them to stop and help him. The pit stop on their run turned into a lengthy conversation as the students engaged the man and his wife. An unlikely friendship started to form as members of the Cross Country team periodically stopped in to say hello to their new friends whenever they were in the area. The FCA students even made them personalized Cross Country shirts and invited them to meets, where the couple came to cheer their favorite students on and greet them with cookies at the finish line. After a few weeks of this, the woman stopped by the High School to visit with Principal Andrew Hasz one afternoon. She shared with him that even though she had been praying for her husband for years, he had remained closed to the Lord. Yet, his heart was beginning to soften and she excitedly told Mr. Hasz, “when my husband called to the six runners passing by the house to ask if they could help him with the trash cans, neither of us knew Jesus was sending His special messengers to express His love to a hurting soul. We thank God for each of you every day.”

THANKSGIVING 2015 TRIPS: Two teams of students sharing God's love in Costa Rica and Ecuador.

costarica nov2015 missionteam

Over Thanksgiving Break not just one, but two mission teams from Faith set forth to serve the Lord in both Costa Rica and Ecuador! 21 students and faculty traveled to San Jose, Costa Rica with Joshua Expeditions and served as they did lasin 2014 in this beautiful country. They participated in another house build in the Pavas neighborhood (a very needy neighborhood of many Nicaraguan refugees) where there are many precious families who desire to make a better life for themselves. ecuador nov2015 missionteamAfter the 3 days of building the house, furnishing it, and presenting it to the family (an incredible heart-warming blessing to be a part of) the group ran a VBS for the children of the neighborhood for several days.   They also presented this VBS last year in the Pavas neighborhood, complete with crafts, a puppet show, and LOTS of games and play time with the children. What a joy to see our students love on these beautiful children!

The other group of 18 traveled to Riobamba, Ecuador to work with churches (both in the city and rural areas) in this region southwest of Quito. They too conducted a VBS and played with children. They also had the opportunity to participate in small construction projects for the native churches.

missions summer15missions summer2015During the summer of 2015, over 30 students from Faith served all over the Denver metro area, United States, and the world! From Kenya to Nicaragua, Mexico to Israel, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, and Rwanda Faith Christian High School students played with children, participated in construction projects, ran VBS programs, and served in orphanages. They were active all over the United States in Seattle, Idaho, California, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Montana as well as downtown Denver and up in the mountains near Estes Park. We rejoice in the growth in faith and life change that God produces as our students leave their comfort zones to minister all over the world in Jesus’ name!

FCHS Students Leave a Legacy in Dakar

During a 14-hour flight to Senegal, as he thought about the next four months of study, Ben Seamans, 17, suddenly felt he would leave something behind in the African country. Less than a month later, he knew what that would be.  “I felt like I wanted to leave something here, and I didn’t know what,” he said. “Then I thought, ‘Oh, I could leave them a church.’ ”

Seamans, a junior at Faith Christian Academy High School, and fellow students Spencer Littel, MacKenzie Barden, Sam Noone and Sam Goodwin, have been studying abroad in Senegal’s capital, Dakar, since early August. During Thanksgiving weekend, they will travel to Foundiougne, Senegal, a rural community of 270,000 people. While there, they will build a church.

click to read Arvada Press' Article about the story

Watch a video about what FCHS Junior, Ben Seamans, along with our Faith Community, was able to accomplish through funds raised for Dakar, Senegal! 

  Students spread the love of Jesus all over in Africa, South America, and the Middle East

8 missions

costa rica1Missions continues to be a priority for FCA students. The final Senegal team had an incredible time over Thanksgiving break in November of 2013. They continued to invest in relationships built with friends in Dakar and reach out to villages and the “least of these” all over Senegal. Senior Jordan Tisdall, who was on her second trip to Senegal last November, commented on an impactful moment for her. “We were standing in a circle with many of our Senegalese friends after completing construction of a church in one of the villages. Someone started singing Amazing Grace, and pretty soon we were all singing it together in three different languages. It was incredible!”

In June/July of 2014, the FCA Boy’s Basketball team and coaches, traveled to Israel. Not only did they tour the Holy Land and experience 

7 missions

many Biblical and Historical sites, but also competed in a few basketball games, one of them against the Israeli Junior National Team, and put on a basketball camp for kids in Ariel. This deeply impactful trip left an imprint on each of the players and coaches that took part in it.

In just a matter of weeks, this year’s mission’s team of 35 students and teachers is going, miraculously – given the last minute switch from Senegal due to Ebola- with Joshua Expeditions to Costa Rica the 23rd-30th of November. They will be building a house and furnishing it for a family who has never had one before!  Additionally, the team will conduct two VBS programs (morning and afternoon) for the last two days in that very same neighborhood!  The VBS will be complete with puppets, music, crafts, games, and sports. Charissa McCaslin says, “Our excitement is growing daily and we are eagerly preparing and participating in various team building activities!”

It is exciting to see how reaching out through the context of engaging people of a different culture allows FC Students to grow and deepen in their relationship with Christ. Not only do they get to play a part in advancing His kingdom, but they are irrevocably changed in the process.