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It’s been four years since we’ve spoke, and my girl is about to graduate from CU. I don’t know how many of your students/parents reach out to you down the road, but I felt the need. 

I am so very grateful for the education she received from Faith Christian Academy. I appreciate how encouraging the teachers were, and the high standards you set for all of the students. I can’t say at times it wasn’t difficult for her to maintain good grades along with participating in sports, but she did it and gracefully. 

testimonial cuOur daughter is graduating Magna Cum Laude, and was also hired by CU to teach a lab this Fall. I don’t think she really understands the magnitude of her accomplishments, but I certainly do! Students just don’t get this kind of recognition prior to an undergraduate degree, let alone without being enrolled in a master’s program.  She has shifted gears slightly and at this point has more than enough classes to satisfy any school she wishes to approach for med school, she is finishing up in Biology and has elected to obtain a second bachelors in Nursing. That’s my over achiever, right?! LOL! Not like Faith Christian didn’t have something to do with some “pushing” her to pursue the dreams the Lord put in her heart.  

I’m providing this info, if by chance a parent approaches you and they express possible “concern’s” or wonder if their student will be ready for campus life, whether at a large school or small, please reassure them they will be ready! Most certainly academically! Sometimes you hear the public express their thoughts on a child attending a small private school, and throwing out there the thought that they won’t be ready to handle the academic pressures. They are wrong! 

Most importantly, my daughter has not lost her faith. Yes, she had my encouragement, friends, family, church family, and of course Faith’s to maintain a relationship with the Lord through college. However, many students lose their way with the pressures and liberal teachings. Weekly chapels, Bible classes, and open prayer and sharing at Faith Christian were such a blessing and I am not taking it for granted.

As a parent I’m extremely proud of her for pushing through her academics and receiving such high honors, but I want you to be proud and satisfied that you did everything in your power as a staff of teachers, counselors, and administration to push her academically and spiritually. You did a great job!

Parent of a 2013 FCHS graduate

testimonial graduation2016We have had two grandchildren graduate from Faith Christian.  The Christian education, surrounding the amazing academic standards presented by Faith's dedicated teachers, produced an excellent education that has enabled one to graduate with high honors from a Colorado university and continue on to become a teacher, and the other to become a cadet in the Air Force Academy. 

The scores that the students at Faith attain on the standardized testing far surpasses the Colorado and national scores.  This is all accomplished by a staff and administration who have the best interests of the students in mind and are led by the Holy Spirit. - Grandparent


testimonial toridavidson

My daughter, Toriana, graduated from FCA in May of 2015. She will be graduating from CU Boulder with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Management Strategy and Entrepreneurship in Spring of 2017. 

 She is able to do that in part due to her willingness to work hard and go after her goals with a vengeance.  Which is exactly what she is doing. But, had she not experienced the FCA education, this goal would not have been so attainable.  Through Faith's dual credit program Toriana graduated high school with 22 credit hours for college. The University of Colorado honored all of those credits for general education. The cost was about $200- $300 per class. Compare that to CU's tuition of over $1000 per class.     

I know Toriana 's case is not the norm.  She was motivated to start college 2 weeks after she graduated from high school and has enrolled in Christmas break and summer classes and has also had an online class. Basically she will have gone to college non-stop for 2 calendar years.  She has also worked about 20 hours per week throughout this time. 

 I firmly believe that her high school experience at FCA equipped her, not only by offering dual credit classes, but also by preparing her in many areas. She was given the chance to research colleges and careers, prepare for the ACT, go on a 7 week mission trip, play sports, and generally become a really well-rounded kid.  Most importantly this all took place under the Christian world view. Her teachers genuinely cared for her and counseled her about possible post high school choices for her life. - Parent

testimonial blankenemeyerI was blessed with the opportunity of attending Faith from Kindergarten until I graduated from High School.  My parents made sacrifices to ensure I had the opportunity of having a God-centered schooling experience.  The experiences I had at Faith truly influenced and changed my life.  On a daily basis the environment supported my personal walk with Christ.  The teachers at Faith are above the standard of Teachers.  They poured their life into me, trying to instill a love and yearning for Jesus.  Faith created a safe environment for me to explore my faith while being surrounded by people who loved me.  When it was time for my kids to go to school, it was a no brainer where they would go.  It was so important for us to give our kids the opportunity I had growing up. I can see Jesus working in my kids’ lives daily.  Nothing can ever compete with that.  Faith has truly blessed my life, and continues to bless my life through my kids. - Parent and HS teacher 

Chs seniors2hoosing to become a part of the Faith Christian Academy family was one of the best decisions our family has ever made! The Administration knows each of our children by name and they make a concerted effort to be involved in the lives of our students. There is an element of family at Faith Christian that makes our children feel safe, secure and loved. Our children have had amazing experiences with all of their teachers and are regularly challenged academically. But even more important than that, our children are growing spiritually and receive unbelievable support from all of the teachers and staff. There is no doubt our children could receive a great education from many different schools here in Arvada. However, they are receiving an excellent education at Faith. Additionally, the spiritual growth that we see in our children is something we cannot find just anywhere, nor can we put a price on that growth. The life lessons they are getting will carry them much farther than an education alone. Faith Christian Academy does a great job of pursuing academic excellence while also giving great attention to the spiritual aspect and character development. We love the balanced approach and we love Faith Christian Academy! It is definitely money well spent! - Parent (current and alumni students)

playground funMy kindergarten student is almost finished with his first year of school, and neither of us could be more excited to have been a part of the community at Faith. It has been such a positive environment, and he has really developed as a person and also amongst his peers. I'm looking forward to re-enrolling him! - Parent

grandparent day 5thgrWe have had two grandchildren graduate from Faith Christian.  The Christian education, surrounding the amazing academic standards presented by Faith's dedicated teachers, produced an excellent education that has enabled one to graduate with high honors from a Colorado university and continue on to become a teacher, and the other to become a cadet in the Air Force Academy.  The scores that the students at Faith attain on the standardized testing far surpasses the Colorado and national scores.  This is all accomplished by a staff and administration who have the best interests of the students in mind and are led by the Holy Spirit. - Grandparent

This school has completely changed my life.  When I first time came to chapel, I cried because I have never felt God's presence and love so closely.  Two months later I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior; since the God has been constantly working in my life.  Faith is a school I always dreamed of.  Here, I learned who God is and how much He cares about me.  Besides studying, I enjoy writing articles fo the school newspaper and am learning how to act as a part of the drama department - FCHS International Student

msboys prayingOur son's experience at Faith Christian Academy has exceeded any expectations we may have had.  He transferred to Faith in middle school and is now a junior in high school..  As parents, we knew that Faith is a high performing academic school with competitive sports and successful teams, but we did not realize the life-long benefits he would recieve throughout his middle school and high school experiences.  While it is easy to focus on improving intellect and on being part of a team, we soon realized the invaluable benefit our son has acquired at Faith Christian Academy - CHARACTER.  Faith administrators, coaches, and staff care and invest daily in our son.  They are helping him develope character and providing a biblical basis that will prepare him for all that life will bring.  We are eternally grateful. - Parent

Yuliya Shubina Serves as an Official Spokesperson for Operation Christams Child

Yuliya Shubina

Sometimes it is the simplest of gifts that make the biggest impact as FCA alum Yuliya Shubina has experienced first hand. Yuliya grew up in Uzbekistan and Russia before coming to the United States to study abroad during her junior and senior years of high school. As a nine year old living in Russia, Yuliya received a shoe box from Operation Christmas Child full of Christmas presents. The gift was deeply impactful and created a curiosity in Yuliya, who had never heard of Jesus before. That curiosity about who Jesus is grew, until she came to Faith and opened her heart to enter into a relationship with Him.

Today, over ten years since Yuliya received that special shoe box gift, she is giving back to Operation Christmas Child in a number of ways. While attending Faith, she volunteered at their processing center, helping to prepare shoe boxes to be shipped around the world. After graduating high school in 2010, Yuliya began her pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts in Government, specializing in International Relations at Liberty University. While attending Liberty, she was invited to share her story at a conference hosted by Operation Christmas Child. As a result of the experience, Samaritan’s Purse has asked Yuliya to be an official spokesperson for their organization. She now has the opportunity to travel and share her story with others about the hope that a simple gift can bring.

 Robert BrayDear Mr. Wall,

After graduating Faith Christian Academy in 2009 I attended Colorado Christian University with an intended degree in Biblical Studies. I knew that God was calling me to ministry while at Faith, but I just wasn't sure which aspect of ministry that entailed. During my senior year at Faith, a door also opened for me to work for Dare2Share ministries. This connection was made through the drama department and allowed me to travel the U.S. acting on stage in front of thousands of teenagers. I went to school during the week at CCU and traveled with Dare2Share on the weekends. This was a very busy season of life but a very rewarding one as well. While on the Dare2Share tour I met my wife Bethany Nicole Bray. She is an amazing woman of God and the story of how we met still blows me away! God had his hand on the entire situation and continued to open one door after another.

The Dare2Share tour ended and Bethany decided to go to CCU the following year. She was from a small town in Nebraska, so this was a big change for her entire family. She still promises that she felt called to CCU before we even met (another confirmation). Anyway, at this point in my life I started implementing spiritual disciplines like never before and began to hear God's voice like never before (funny how that works). He told me three things: (1) sell my car, (2) marry Bethany, (3) become a youth pastor. I even started having vivid dreams of being a youth pastor and following in the footsteps of some of my spiritual mentors such as Paul Faust and Kurt Vetterling (also Faith alumni). Upon waking from those dreams I would immediately turn to God in prayer because I knew I could never fulfill these things on my own.

First, I drove to Oklahoma to sell my car. My dad knew a guy out there, and he gave me a good bid on it. Next, I asked for Bethany's hand in marriage, and her parents told me to wait two years. This was a reasonable request; however, I knew God was up to something. I secretly began to save money for the engagement ring (thinking it might take me about two years anyway). Upon our return visit to Nebraska over labor day weekend, the Holy Spirit began to stir change her parents' hearts. The last day before our return drive to Denver we all went to church together. The pastor's sermon was titled "love like your dying." It evidently spoke to her parents because they decided to give us their blessing and told us to get married as soon as we wanted. With everyone in tears, we thanked them, gave some huge hugs, and said our goodbyes. Somehow God provided the means for me to buy the ring, and I proposed at the prayer chapel at Faith Bible Chapel on October 4th. I prayed with her, washed her feet, and cried the most intensely joyful tears of my life. It was utterly breathtaking. I literally watched as God moved and fulfilled the words He had spoken to me.

Now, it came time to get a job. I knew that if I wanted to get married, I would need a way to provide for my new family. Since God distinctly told me to be a youth pastor, I decided to start looking. After applying for a few positions and not seeing any success I began to wonder if I was jumping the gun. After all, I was only a sophomore in college, and on paper I didn't have much to offer. The peace of God came over me during this season, and I decided to just wait on Him to move. It was December of 2010 and winter break was about to begin when a girl at CCU asked me to play drums for a winter youth camp at her home church in Colorado Springs. I agreed because she told us there would be free food, free lodging, and free snowboarding! What college student would turn that down! On that trip, God moved in a mighty way. After seeing my interaction with the kids and receiving a direct word from the Lord, the senior pastor offered me the position of being the full time youth pastor. He had no idea that I was even looking for a job and wanting to get married young. I started weeping and he was a little taken back. I told him what a confirmation this was and he started to understand my tears. After discussing things further, Pastor Derek decided to start me right away but allowed me to finish my spring semester at CCU by only commuting down to the springs on the weekends. Bethany and I were ecstatic!

Our next trip to Nebraska shocked Bethany's parents. They couldn't believe that I had already been offered a full time job so quickly, not to mention the fact that it was my dream job and in my academic field of study. They started to realize even further that God was writing a story that was bigger than all the parties involved. Bethany and I wrapped up our spring semester, and I moved to Colorado Springs to start full time as the youth pastor. We then got married on July 2nd, which is an entire story in itself! I have now been the youth pastor of Gateway Church in Colorado Springs for over a year. The youth has been steadily growing, souls have been saved, students have been discipled, and most importantly, God has been receiving all the glory. I wish I could tell you all that has happened in this past year, but there would't be enough room to write it all.

In summary, I am living the dream! Not the "American dream," cause that thing is a lie. But the dream of losing my life for Christ's sake, the dream of being content in all things, and the dream of seeing God come through time and time again. I have an adventure to live, a battle to fight, and a beauty to rescue. What more could a man ask for? I am currently finishing my degree in Religion and Theology through Liberty University and plan to graduate in 2013 (right on schedule). Being a full time husband, pastor, and student has been tough at times, but God has been with me every step of the way.

Oh yeah, there is one last thing....Bethany is pregnant! We are set to have our first baby in September, so add father to that list as well. God has us in His hands and we are excited to see what He's going to do next. Children are a blessing, and although many have warned us not to have them early on, we trust God. Children, like marriage, are just another facet in God's design to make us look more like Jesus. I believe marriage is more about holiness than happiness (happiness is just the icing on the cake). In the same way, having children puts to death our selfish desires and makes us more like Jesus. I know it will be hard work, but it will be the most rewarding thing I will probably ever do! I must decrease so that He may increase. Keep us in your prayers!

In Christ,

Rob Bray, 2009 graduate